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Aviator mechanic watch 24 hours black

Article No. 232-1033
 Aviator mechanic watch 24 hours black

499,95 €
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The name "Aviator" is program and stands for the old Russian expression "pilot". With this masterpiece, some collectors are sure to warm their hearts and this is absolutely not exaggerated given this extraordinary watch. The peculiarity of the 24-hour clocks is that the hour hand turns completely around its own axis only once a day. This mechanism, which at first glance is incomprehensible, has its functional benefit from the military sphere. During World War I and World War II, the need for soldiers who were underground day and night in command posts created a way to be informed about the day and night conditions.
Poljot Aviator 24 hours
Model Name: Aviator 24 hrs
Movement: caliber with 17 stones
Housing: matt stainless steel
Dial: black
Diameter: 39 mm
Height: 13 mm
Limited 999 pcs.
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